A list of courses that assist learners in learning the Cree language at UnnBQ.

This course is intended to assist students in gaining a deeper understanding of themselves as members of Cree society by examining contemporary events and issues that affect Native people both individually and collectively. Historical and current influences are discussed in terms of their impact on lifestyle, social structure, and values of Cree culture.

Students will be able to speak and understand simple sentences in Cree using the communicative approach. Students will be able to increase cultural awareness of historical and contemporary lifestyles of Cree speaking peoples. Students will be able to make the Cree language an integral part of their general education by mastering the Cree syllabics and the Roman Orthography. This introductory Cree course serves as an introduction into Plains Cree (Y) dialect, emphasizing the communicative method of learning to speak and understand the Cree language. Students will be exposed to a variety of Cree cultural experiences and spiritual beliefs through active participation in ceremonies and various other activities.

6 credits

Reading, research and discussion on topics regarding Cree syntax. This course is the study of grammatical morphology and word order in the Cree language with reference to contemporary syntactical theory. The study of Cree phrases, clauses and sentences. Students will explore the types of sentences and discourse patterns in the Cree Language with attention to real language use. With special focus on how sentence structures can be taught.

In this course students will read, critique and discuss articles on the comparison between first and second language learning, differences in child and adult second language learning needs and language teaching methodologies conductive to immersion curriculum. Course will provide a brief overview of the history of language teaching methodologies in addition to examining the efforts of second language approaches specific to polysynthetic languages. The purpose of this course is to provide students the opportunity to clarify their philosophies regarding second language acquisition.